The Sandy Hook School Shooting... Massacre?

Articles Concerning the Sandy Hook Shooting  ft. Proof of Hoax

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          A full analysis concerning the claims made by our government  (Including F.I.M.A. who arrived on the scene prior to the shooting incident at 9:00am, surrounded the building, and closed-off access to the school's parking lots.)  and media on the Sandy Hook School Shooting Massacre occurring on December 14th, in the year 2012 of our Lord.

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        Steel requires 2750° F. to melt (sometimes 2500), but simple aluminum will melt at 1220°. Therefore, online statements claiming 'wild-fires cannot burn metal' can be misleading. The photographs of the vehicles above show only certain metals melted but not all. 

     Nonetheless, the facts which isolated cars (not positioned within within a large fire) are have been totally destroyed and buildings can also be seen in other photographs with everything completely burnt to a low-height pile of rubble. 

     Brass and Bronze will require heat in excess of 1500° F but this isn't out of the realm of possibility for a large enough fire.

Photograph of Microwave (D.E.W.) Weapons, also Appears as this Pages Background

2017, 100 Fires began simultaneously in California and all show signs of commencing from the sky above.